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In the light-drenched world of Luminocity, there are two types of power granted by the gods: the power to find and the power to lose.

Laxerion is adept at finding lies, a skill that grants him a unique advantage as he blends into high society, leading heists to steal from the rich. Although Lax is used to being a target, he doesn’t anticipate reconnecting with his estranged father and inheriting a failing family business drowning in debt. If he doesn’t find a way to pay back the crime lord they owe a fortune to, he may be the next to lose his life.

Meanwhile, war is brewing on the horizon, a war that even a city blessed by the gods may be unable to avoid. As five fates intertwine, the currents of destiny inundate the city, leviathans stir amid the roots of a primordial ocean, and monstrosities inhabit human skins.

Desperate, Lax conspires to lead the greatest heist of all—journeying underground to find a forbidden treasure. But eldritch beasts buried in the darkness are awakening once again, and long-lost secrets emerge from the depths of a subterranean abyss. Will they survive?

This brand-new epic fantasy, full of strange worlds, dark twists, and ancient Aztec inspiration, is perfect for fans of Brandon Sanderson, Fonda Lee, Patrick Rothfuss, and George R. R. Martin.

Book no.1
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